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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The meaning of Life.

I believe that failure in life is a result of not fully knowing what you were getting yourself into. I think people go into things far too soon. I never jump into a ravine without a parachute because I am far too frightened of dying at the bottom of the ravine. This has unfortunately left me in a life with not too much adventure. However, I have also not had too many failures and that is because I play it safe. But perhaps I play it too safe and thus have no real concept of the meaning of life. Is the life meant to be a series of adventures? Or is it to be learning experiences? For example, I will learn all about the ravine. I will learn all about the parachute. I will learn all about the activity of jumping. And then I will jump. And then I will tell you about it. But perhaps would I learn more if I just grabbed a parachute and jumped? Or is that not really a learning experience, but just an experience.
As a college student, I was more apt to just jump. But as I get older, I find myself so terrified to try something new without knowing all about it. Does that make me wiser? For as Soctates says, "True knowledge is in knowing that you know nothing." Well, let me tell you, I don't know a G*D Damn bloody thing! When I was younger I thought that I didn't need to know anything. I would just do things and things would happen. Action causes Reaction. And now, I can't act because I fear a Negative Reaction. I do far too much research, months of planning before I do a simple act such as moving. And yet I see other's around me just pick their bags up and go. Why can't I just go? What has happened in my life that I think and plan and research and question and THEN I go. Is it a combination of too many falls that have made me cautious. Is it age, life experience? Or is the true real meaning of life to just never stop learning. To never stop having some sort of adventure. I think it is. I think that once I reach a point where I have nothing to learn, nothing new to see....Then perhaps I will just die. Maybe I have slowed down in my life lately because I have reached a point where I had learning overload. I need to reset my brain, my body in order to process more. I hope so. I hope that you dear reader, will find adventures and lessons as well.


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