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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

How Di Do?

When logic doesn't make any sense, it is no longer logical. People fight in the name of a god that possibly they don't really understand. People blame Sons for the sins of the Father. Women hate men because they don't understand themselves. Men hate women because they don't understand their language. And yet, if people stopped confusing themselves with hate, anger and trying to form a logical thought, people may realize that things are an awful lot closer than they appear.
But who am I to judge? All I can do is try to understand. Try to understand why the teenage girl has a baby. Why a 5 year old girl has AIDS. How a woman can let a man beat her. I try to understand these things. But I can not wrap my feeble mind around why people seem to prefer pain. Why people complain of a better life when the choices they did not make can lead them to the better life that they long for. I will never understand how passion fuels the mind. How people don't think before they act. And yet, I know, each day, I do the same. My faults are the same as others. We are human. Our many faults appear in various different incarnations and cause different evils. But sometimes we do good, sometimes we mean too, other times we accidentally cause a beautiful experience. Hopefully some day we will be surrounded by beautiful experiences. Perhaps though, at that time to world will cease to exist. For without the negative, we never trully learn to experience the positive. There is a silver lining for every cloud. But the dark clouds must exist or we will never have the rain. Without the rain we have no plants, the oxygen. We have no water, no life. We try to perform and hope people will be aware. But there are so many out there that do not understand out performances. They don't see the purpose. They don't see the use. We just can't change everyone. There will always be the bad seed, the person who just won't give in. Or even worse the person that just won't care. It is all the rest of us can do - to just care. Care. It doesn't matter what you care about, but care about something. Try to do good without harming others. Try to do good, not in the name of a God, but in the name of yourself, of your own future. For the future of humanity.


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